Monday, 12 September 2016

Publish online Magazines with FlipBuilder Flipbook Software

More and more people choose to publish their digital magazines and catalogs online to market their businesses, products and services.  So in order to maximize their marketing effect, it is very important for them to choose economical and versatile flipbook software, which can help them to create and publish high-quality digital magazines and catalogs in seconds.
FlipBuilder  is the best and free flipbook software to turn your PDF magazines and catalogs into digital ones with page-flipping effect and sounds. It provides a wonderful reading experience to readers and enables you to brand your business at the same time.

Quick and Fast Conversion
You are not required any programming skills or third-party software installation to complete the whole digital publishing conversion. FlipBuilder  can help you to convert your PDF, image or MS documents into a realistic page-flipping magazine or catalog at once. At the same time, it has the fastest loading speed for you to read your published magazines or catalogs than other similar software in the market.

Branding Your Business
You are able to brand your business in multiple ways in this free software. Firstly, you can customize your own background images of your digital magazines or catalogs to establish the branding awareness uncounciously. Secondly, you are able to customize your book loading logo, book reader logo and the bookcase logo as well. Most-importantly, it also allows you to customize your digital publications’ domain as well, which is the most effective way to brand your business.

Online and Offline Publishing
With this FlipBuilder  flip book maker, you can publish your interactive digital magazines or catalogs online or offline for different marketing purposes.  When you upload your digital publications online, you can share them with your customers anytime anywhere and sell them on FlipBuilder  online platform directly. Of course, you are able to save them on your local computer for offline reading when you publish them in HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP, CD/DVD, To the Ftp and WordPress, Joomla and Drupal Plugins format.

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